As the author of this article, I’ve been an avid user of PlantedBox fertilizers for the past few years. My journey with PlantedBox began when I was searching for a reliable and effective solution to enhance the growth and vitality of my aquatic plants. Since then, PlantedBox has become an integral part of my aquascaping routine.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of growing multiple beautiful aquascapes, each one a testament to the power and efficacy of PlantedBox fertilizers. The transformation and growth I’ve witnessed in my aquariums have been nothing short of remarkable. The lush greenery, the vibrant colors, and the overall health of my aquatic plants are a direct result of the consistent use of these fertilizers.

‘Reclaimed Beauty’ – Scaping With Joe: Daily All-in-One ‘Lean Dosing’ Fertilizer

Aquarium enthusiasts understand the importance of providing the right nutrients to their aquatic plants. PlantedBox offers a range of high-quality aquarium fertilizers that cater to different needs and help you maintain a healthy and vibrant aquarium.

All-in-One Fertilizer

The All-in-One fertilizer is an ideal choice for any type of aquarium. It contains all nutrients in one bottle, making it perfect for those who want to dose Estimative Index. This EU certified product promises fast and healthy plant growth.

All-in-One “Lean Dosing” Fertilizer

This version of the All-in-One fertilizer is ideal for aquascapes in combination with an aquasoil. It ensures slow, compact plant growth and is also EU certified.


Crypto is an All-in-One plant nutrient for your soil. It contains all nutrients in one capsule and lasts up to 8 months. It’s easy to plant and comes at a very competitive price.

Estimative Index Kit

This kit provides all the necessary ingredients for your own plant food. It includes a clear quick start guide and comes with a free dosing spoon.


Ferro is a perfect choice for a good iron supplement. It is double chelated (EDTA & DTPA) and ensures long-term availability for your plants.


Macro is an excellent choice if you only want to add Nitrate, Phosphate & Potassium (NPK) to your tank. It accelerates plant growth and improves root formation.


Micro is a super choice if you only need trace elements. It is a very rich source of trace elements like iron, manganese, boron, etc., and does not discolor the water.

Quality and Safety
All PlantedBox aquarium fertilizers are certified by the European Union, ensuring quality and safety for both your plants and fish.

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