Achieving and maintaining optimal carbon dioxide (CO2) levels is vital for the health and vibrancy of aquatic plants. In this concise guide, we’ll explore the best CO2 equipment available to enhance your aquascaping experience. For more information about setting up CO2 for your tank check the ‘Aquascaping CO2 Setup: A Comprehensive Guide’

Complete CO2 Kits

This aquarium CO2 kit with pressure regulator and CO2 cylinder!

Quick installation

Co2 Aluminum Cylinder

Different sizes available: fits any aquarium

Universal connection: get it refilled in your local store

Pro Dual Stage CO2 regulator

Precise & easy to adjust: Adjustable working Pressure

Expandable needle valves: Add multiple tanks on one CO2 cylinder

CO2 Proof Tubing

Safe for both fresh and saltwater environments: guaranteeing durability and performance.

Check Valve

Professional, industrial quality:
Prevents damage to your CO2 system

Bubble Counter

Very easy to fill with water:
CO2 bubbles are super easy to read

Can be completely dismantled for maintenance


Easy to install

Membrane for super fine CO2 bubbles

Elegant design, ideal for aquascapes

Drop Checker Kit

Everything in 1 kit: to start measuring right away

Looks very stylish in your tank & almost invisible

Very easy CO2 measurement: healthier aquarium plants

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