Vorestic is a Dutch company and one of the few companies in the world that only focuses on tools for aquariums, aquascaping, and terrariums. Therefore, they dare to call themselves the most prominent brand in the field of these tools. With a very competitive price compared to the big brands, you can’t ignore Vorestic tools.

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What are Aquascaping Tools?

Aquascaping tools are specialized instruments designed to help you create and maintain your aquascape. They include tweezers, scissors, and a spatula. Tweezers are great for inserting root tabs and plants into your aquarium substrate.

Our Pick
6-in-1 Aquarium Tools Set

This set has a total of 6 tools + luxurious felt case

4-in-1 Aquarium Tools Set

This set has a total of 4 tools + handy storage bag

Why Choose Vorestic Aquascaping Tools?

Vorestic is a renowned brand in the aquascaping world, known for its high-quality tools that make the process of creating and maintaining an aquascape easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned aquascaper or new to the hobby, Vorestic tools can help you achieve your vision.

Set Curved Tweezers and Curved Scissors

38 cm and 25 cm

Tools and Accessories for many Applications

Aquarium: Do you have a nano-aquarium or a large aquarium? No problem, because Vorestic always offers the right tool. They have tools in many sizes and shapes, so they can help with maintaining any size tank.

Spring Scissors Set 16 cm

For all fine trimming jobs in your aquarium

Aquascaping: If you are more than average busy with updating and maintaining your aquascaping tank, then they also have the right professional tools for you. All tools are made of stainless steel, preventing corrosion when used in freshwater.

Aquarium Spatula 32 cm

Used for arranging and decorating sand, substrate, pebbles and/or stones.

Terrarium: The tools from Vorestic can be used for almost any job with underwater and above-water plants. The tools are often the first choice for many terrarium and paludarium enthusiasts.

Aquarium Wave Scissors 25 cm

High-quality stainless steel

Vivarium: You undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to feed aquatic animals and exotic animals. With the tweezers from Vorestic, feeding these animals is much easier.

Aquarium Tweezer Set
(2 pcs)

The curved and straight tweezers are 27 cm long

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